If Flower attracts You, You HaveA Floral Decorator Inside

The job of floral decorator is the art of creating a composition or a complete universe with plants. Plants, cut or dried flowers, branches and foliage are selected to create wreaths, bouquets, and suspensions. These creations dress a table, a room, a garden. Generally, the floral decorator intervenes as part of an event: wedding, birthday, funeral or professional receptions.Discover Singapore businesses for benefit of this profession.

Who Is A Floral Decorator?

The job of floral decorator can be done in different places. You can work at a florist in a traditional shop, in a decoration company related to the hotel and catering industry, or in a floral art workshop. In all cases, your missions remain the same:

  • greet the customer
  • advise and guide him in his choice of floral decoration
  • know the techniques of indoor and outdoor plant conservation
  • know the drying techniques of the plants
  • know about gardening products and accessories
  • master the rules of hygiene and safety
  • define a business strategy
  • coordinate a team

Becoming a floral decorator: Qualities required

The job of floral decorator requires two main qualities: to have a sense of aesthetics and contact. Creative, driven by the desire to please, the floral decorator works with care and meticulousness. Good resistance to stress and an ability to stay focused despite the events are also assets, because the floral decorator can intervene during major public or private events. Finally, a good physical form makes it possible to bear to remain standing in a prolonged way, often in contact with the cold and the humidity. These qualities make you good at florist Singapore.

Possibility of evolution

The main evolution of the floral decorator is to establish itself as master of a specific floral art. For example, a floral decorator can learn about Ikebana art. This is a Japanese ancestral technique of floral decoration. Another option: become a wedding planner. Since the floral decorator is most often involved in weddings, it is a natural evolution to assume the entire set-up of the event. Finally, the floral decorator can teach his art during flower workshops or become a trainer.

This is a job that is required, because the concept of decoration, in the context of a private or professional event, is very often at the heart of concerns. In this sense, the floral decorator does not lack opportunities. Nevertheless, competition is fierce in this sector of activity. The floral decorator must learn to renew and stand out to win.


The profession of florist is a complete profession; the florist manages stocks and orders from wholesalers, or directly from horticulturists, plants and materials that he needs. Its needs vary throughout the year and are strongly influenced by annual events (Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.). In store, the florist ensures the best storage conditions (plant care, temperature control, brightness, humidity, etc.).In a second time, the florist proceeds to the composition of bouquets, pots, and compositions.


It is at this moment that his artistic sense is expressed. The florist can also create a floral arrangement at the request of a customer, in which case he also has a consulting mission. The florist is still a trader, who must know how to welcome customers and advise them in the choice of their purchases.


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