Fine Opportunities for the Best Video Options Now

This is a TV box for streaming video on your TV. They account for a significant share of streaming media products alongside smart TVs. The manufacturers who launch and promote Apple, Amazon, Roku and Google, whose Chromecast is the champion before the Apple TV. It also allows you to record and capture broadcast videos for later viewing. However, the market for multimedia boxes is limited by the predominance of Internet access providers’ boxes.

Streaming box type

  • There are hundreds of streaming boxes today that leave users confused in terms of choice. Indeed, the best Android TV box depends on the broadcast service that we want to use including streaming streaming as a fundamental function.
  • Recently, the American firm presented a case to the Apple TV called “Amazon Fire TV” to watch fluidly movies and series, original or not, open ecosystem, on its no-download TV. As a bonus, it gives the opportunity to listen to music and play by turning the remote control, smartphone or tablet into a controller.
  • Then, the latest TV Box Xiaomi MI TV 3 based on Android TV is also a streaming box allowing access to Streaming videos via platforms like Mycanal / Netflix but also what is on the NET open access . Streaming fans will be able to place their favorite plug-ins because there is no limitation related to this version. Equipped with a built-in Chromecast, this box can send videos from your Smartphone or mirror the screen. In you will be able to have the best deal of streaming here.,

Finally, Roku meanwhile, launched in France its range of streaming boxes after starting its global expansion with Mexico last month. It is part of the rise of new modes of video consumption, arranged by services such as Netflix, YouTube or catch-up television. It is based on two decisive criteria. The first criterion is the “Control and choice” that relies on its neutrality without favoring any provider. In general, it references 5 to 10 new channels a week and two thirds of channels are completely free. Then, the second criterion which is “Less is more” puts on the simplicity like the ease of use of the remote control, the convenient scrolling of the various submenus.

In short, streaming boxes are a new art from technology that is progressing and will progress further. A basic technology Android TV box that will not only stay in the hands of enthusiasts but will be within reach of young and old, exactly as Mike Duan, director of communication of Roku said ” The streaming is for everyone, from 5 to 85 years old, not just for techies . “

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