5 running tips for marathon competition

Planning to run a marathon sometime soon? Well, let us tell you that you have come to the right place. In today’s article, we are going to enlist some of the basic tips and tricks you must follow while preparing yourself for a good run. These tips have been approved and enlisted by experts and we have no doubt that they will work well for you as well!



  1. Follow the 2 hour rule


To abide by the 2 hour rule, you should wait for approximately 2 hours after you finish a meal and before you go for a run. For most people, giving your body two hours is enough time for the food to leave the stomach, especially if you have eaten a lot of carbs. If you don’t wait for a long period of time, the food may not be digested which will raise the risk of bloating or cramps. Those who follow this rule are able to run for a longer period of time than those who don’t.


  1. Try to run 20 minutes

The next rule you must follow is running at least 20 miles. Those who go for long runs can stimulate marathons and that requires a whole lot of time on your feet. Experts suggest that running 20 miles is one of the best ways to run a marathon and a unique way to prepare for it. Some coaches believe that experienced marathoners can run approximately 16 to 18 miles whereas their coaches can run 24 miles.


  1. What type of carbs should you eat?

Knowing what kinds of carbs to eat is extremely important for marathons. Carb loading in fact is extremely important and useful. Carb loading is something that most experts and doctors have suggested to those who are new to the field of running. Several super charged athletes suggest that emphasizing on carps a couple days before the race can work wonderfully. However, make sure that you aren’t giving into gluttony just because you can during this time.



  1. Sleeping enough is right


Sleeping an extra minute every night for every mile for train is one of the best ways to train yourself for a good run. If you run around 30 miles a week, then you should sleep an extra half n hour every night. An average person will require around seven to eight hours of sleep so you can increase that amount if you want during training. Getting some extra help is advisory for all.


  1. What sort of gear should women wear for running?

Now that we have completed the tips you should follow for marathon running, lets take a look at the essential womens gym wear or the gear women should try for running. Womens fitness leggings have often been considered ideal for running but if you enjoy sports, then capris and spandex shorts may also be considered ideal. You can check out a few brands online before picking something for yourself.

Tips to keep your beer cool and fresh for long time

If you bought a six pack of beers to have them in the fridge or if you have a full fridge for some celebration, you have to know how to keep them to keep the good taste, so here you get a list of 6 tips to keep your beers at home:

  1. Do not expose beers to the sun or to a direct source of light, as it affects their sensory properties: freshness, aroma, bitterness and flavor. It does not mean that any beam of light can damage it, but that prolonged exposure can change the composition of the drink.
  2. Keep your beers refrigerated or in a cool environment that does not suffer extreme heat or cold. For Polar bears, the ideal is a temperature between 2 and 5 ° C because if they freeze they lose their properties.
  3. Do not store beers with chemicals or foods with strong odors because they can affect their aroma and flavor. Do not keep-beers with food.
  4. If you are going to store the beers for several days, not the congeals, leave them in a dark, dry and fresh place.
  5. To ensure that you are going to have a beer with the fresh taste that you like, look at its recommended date of consumption. The beers are not made to keep them for a long time, it does not mean that they are damaged, only that they can lose their initial properties of flavor, freshness and bitterness because the yeast continues to work its fermentation inside the bottle or can.
  6. If you open a beer, drink it or share it, after opening, the oxidation of the liquid begins and does not keep its flavor for more than a day of storage or in the fridge.

If you are fan of funky and easy to go things then you must go for stubby holders. It’s a container that can help to keep your drink for long even though there is no electricity.

The most important of all this is to learn to enjoy your beer, know it well and share with everyone how to keep the beer at its point when you store it at home.


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